About Us


We are Charlene Cosmetics, a Japanese cosmetics company located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Our philosophy focuses on the beautiful women in our country, known as bijin. These women embrace both inner beauty and physical beauty in which we believe is simply ー timeless. Along with the beautiful women, the magnificent sceneries and unique culture also play a big role in our inspiration. We will be placing a spotlight on traditional Japanese beauty and its characteristics in hope to spread its depth and charm to other women across the world. Along with our utmost dedication of providing our customers with great products, we wish everyone to experience timeless beauty. On behalf of our team, we encourage you to take this opportunity to achieve beautiful skin with Charlene.


Our Real All in One series is no doubt, our most popular collections at Charlene Cosmetics! The collection consists of our Real All in One Gel Cream, Real All in One VC Rich, and Real Booster Gel. Our Real All in One Gel Cream consists of a red gel and white cream and it serves multiple purposes for all different skin types.

As of July 2020, our Real All in One Series sold 500,000+ products in Japan! We have always wanted to showcase our well-loved product across the globe and we are so happy to proudly present our Real All in One products to our international customers.